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The Day of the Ad Man: Values-marketing #1

When you tell a story, the sincerity of your message connects you to your audience. More meaningful than product or… read more The Day of the Ad Man: Values-marketing #1

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White Papers

Values-Marketing Worksheet Humans are big piles of feelings, opinions, and judgments. Consumers seek to be understood, like the rest of… read more White Papers

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White Paper: Values Marketing Worksheet

News Features
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News Features

The experience of live music depends on conditions irrespective of the talent of the musicians. It’s been my experience that the band or DJ can create a sense of inclusiveness that brings the place together around the middle of the first set.

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Let’s Get Jazzed

I worked with Cramer Capital Management, LLC and the Let’s Get Jazzed Committee to develop material for donors, advertisements, banners… read more Let’s Get Jazzed

logos with transparencies come in very handy.
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What to Expect from a Logo Designer

Starting a business or changing an established brand are exciting. You put bits of yourself into everything you do. You… read more What to Expect from a Logo Designer

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Marketing to Humans: Values-marketing #3

We started out talking about the Industrial Revolution and how the mind of the consumer, and advertisers, necessarily, was on… read more Marketing to Humans: Values-marketing #3

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Fear, Desire & Sad Songs: Values-marketing #2

In Day of the Ad Man: Values-marketing #1, I discussed the earlier days of “modern” advertising,the product-centric mentality of the… read more Fear, Desire & Sad Songs: Values-marketing #2

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Book and Poetry Editing

Whether you require only suggestions about form and style or would prefer editing with “no mercy”, I’ll always attempt to… read more Book and Poetry Editing

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White Paper: Screen-print Setup

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incredible video short

When my company, Training Umbrella, was in branding transition, I called on Angie to help us make it fun! I… read more incredible video short

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Photos, Resources

Original shots and drawings for reference or a starting point.

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White Paper: 5 Tips for Printing

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week fourth: paint something

I save stuff to paint on. I’ve literally had this scroll thing since I was in middle school. No joke…. read more week fourth: paint something

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week third: chalk something

Today I thought about what would be not as daunting as paint but more of a stretch from my comfort… read more week third: chalk something

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Press Release

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week second: ink something

In my quest to mark a little time and do art today I inked something. I started by grabbing two… read more week second: ink something

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week first: sketch something

today I drew something… I spent some time finding the right image. I got this lovely photo of a castle… read more week first: sketch something

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Sketch in Pen

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simplicity gets the job done! Today, simplicity is what gets the job done! Angie with WOW Grafix has helped me… read more Testimonials

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Concept and Sales Videos Video Business Card Website Design & Management

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Print stands out and gives people something tangible to hold. But it must be exact – because budgets and product… read more Publications

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Landmark 2 Skate

WoW Grafix and Charlie at Landmark 2 Skate have worked together since the early 2000’s. We began with a business… read more Landmark 2 Skate