20 Signs Your Website Stinks

1. You have no access to make simple changes.

If you literally cannot make a change on your website, this leaves you at the mercy of your web designer / host or cousin’s kid who is “good at computers”.

2. Your Code is Naked and Exposed!!

i.e. when you see random bits of text with <these deelies>.

3. Your special effects could cause seizures.

They jump and blink or you can’t click on the link! Animated Gifs with a crusty white edges or icky drop shadows are gross too.

4. Your AdWords have taken OVER!!

I understand you want to make money with your website, but do that with a great product!! AdWords should never take front stage over your business.

5. Everything is CENTERED down the page (even the bullet points!)

It’s just soooo boring!

6. A casual observer wouldn’t know what you do in the first 5 seconds.


That’s it, that’s all you get.

7. Your keywords are not on your homepage, in your titles, or in the context!

It’s an SEO thing. (hint: that’s how search engines find you.)

8. When you click on a link, it takes you to another website… but opens in the same window.

Why do you want your visitors to go away? Keep them there!

9. Your visitors are ASSAULTED with an unexpected musical experience.

We’ve all been in a quiet coffee shop surfing or at work… and been surprised by loud noises or music! This is a giant pet peeve of mine.

If you must (*Yes, we used them on the home page. I love them!!) make them on hover or click and be short and sweet!

(side note: don’t use music without the permission of the artist. this is illegal.)

10. Your text is rubbing elbows with other elements or the edges of boxes.

Let it breathe! Our eyes are easily distracted.

11. You’re asking people to either give you personal information (email address) or to order from you before they “know” you!

Look, you are a business, and you are in the business of collecting user information. This is OK.

Just like a “real” relationship – build some trust first before you ask me for my phone number.

12. Bright RGB colors that cause eyestrain LIKE THIS are used in the backgrounds, or far too often.

13. You use more than a few colors.

Pick 3. (or 4 or 5 but they have GOT to go well together!) Feel free to ask me. I love colors!

14. Overwhelming amounts of text. (I have been massively guilty of this myself…)

Go ahead, go in there and start reading it.

Yeah, right now!

We’ll wait……

You’re back! Didja get bored? Visitors will too.

15. Underwhelming amounts of text.

When you don’t spell out what you want visitors to click on, or what to expect…. “What happens if I click here?” should never go through your visitors mind.

16. There’s a separate scroll for … well anything!!

These are called “frames” and nobody does that anymore, except in special circumstances. (check out the SpaceJam website! it’s fantastically 1997)

17. Pictures or videos don’t load.

18. Orphan pages.

Users click and then can’t go backwards or On-wards without using the browser commands. It’s like being in a prison!!! Ok, maybe not, but it will make them feel like getting out.

19. You use arrows to navigate the “NEXT” or “LAST” page.

1999 AOL’ed me and wants its website back

20. You’re trying to use it as a tool to convert clients, without giving them something they can use right now.


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