About Me

Angelina O’Connor

Wherever you go, there you are.

Life takes us to interesting and unexpected places. I am located in Alamosa, Colorado. It’s a small town in the middle of a big valley. While I truly miss the trees and the soft grass of my home, Overland Park (a Kansas City suburb), the Great Sand Dunes are almost mystic, and certainly unparalleled. I was so excited to see Medano Creek flow! It’s a seasonal thing and it is spectacular.

The San Luis Valley floor is flat and vast, it reminds me of home in that way. There are national parks and mountains literally surrounding us. It’s humbling how small we can be in places this big, perspective is a wonderful thing. The birds are gloriously vocal, a bazillion species in my backyard alone.

Kayaking on the Rio Grande River. I don’t really do selfies.

I’m seeking to relocate to Colorado Springs in the coming months as I am graduating from Adams State University. I’m looking forward to morning hikes at Palmer Park and hitting the trails at the beautiful Red Rock Canyon Open Space as soon as I can.

Call or text me anytime for a chat about your communications, content, public relations or my favorite places. Let’s connect.


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