MS Word to PDF: Images

The industry standard is Adobe for print. It would stand to reason that an Adobe PDF (“portable document format”) with the word “portable” right there in the name would work wonderfully. Most programs will save a PDF. They are not created equal. I want to look at how Word handles exporting PDFs into a print file and what it […]

Marketing to Humans: values-marketing #3

Hopefully you’ve read the first two posts regarding marketing progression. If not, go back in time… to last week, and read those. We started out talking about the Industrial Revolution and how the mind of the consumer, and advertisers, necessarily, was on product. We believed in quality over all else, and it was the yardstick […]

Fear, Desire & Sad Songs: values-marketing #2

Tuesday I posted Day of the Ad Man: values-marketing #1 about earlier days of “modern” advertising; the product-centric mentality of the last century. There are 2 ways I look at the consumer-centric mentality: “See a Need: Fill a Need” – Mr. Bigweld made an impression on me in the Robots movie… What, you don’t watch cartoons? It […]

The Day of the Ad Man: values-marketing #1

When you tell a story, the sincerity of your message connects you to your audience. More meaningful than product or cash, ‘values-marketing’ is about the whole person. Does that bit sound a little froofie? So… here’s the thing, as humans, we are all big piles of feelings, opinions and judgments. Our best clients, like the rest […]

What about Resolution?

Photo quality. Supplying files that look good when printed is essential. Unfortunately, not all printers will alert you if there’s an image in your file that isn’t the highest quality available. When the order’s delivered, you open the box, all excited, but for some reason unknown to you, your image or logo is either blurry or jagged. You call the printer […]

I’ll Allow it…

So, I have been taught to never really trust my initial reactions in business. My gut feelings are generally right, but my reactions are wrong… let me explain. When you hear: “I really like what you have to say, but I can’t afford that right now”, or “That’s a great idea, but it’s just not in […]

What to Expect From a Logo Designer

Starting a business or changing an established brand are exciting. It’s supposed to be fun. So, beyond the actual design… what are the things you, as a customer, should do? Before: A good designer will understand before ever sitting down: your customers or their motivations, your values, vision, mission, and your timeline. They may even discuss […]

So You Want to Go Mobile Friendly….

It wasn’t too long ago that mobile friendly websites didn’t exist – at all. The concept of making all that data available, over a wireless connection, on something that fits in your pocket was the stuff of science fiction. But, here we are, surfing full fledged websites on dinky little devices as we sit in the […]

coffee warmers

Productivity. If you operate your own business, then you probably think about this a lot. I love getting really into a project, spending hours on tweaking the lines of an illustration, a site map or a poster design. I enjoy the research phase so much… I admit, I have to make myself stop. Some of us spend a lot of time in front […]

Don’t be an Idget: Part 2

I’ve compiled tips so that you come off as a networking pro and not a networking Idget. Did you read part 1? Don’t be an Idget, Dean. Don’t ignore new faces! (Sin #4) This is sorta related to Sin #3 (read part 1)… needed further stress. Also – new blood is the future of any networking group. The group […]

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