7 PrintTips: Mitigate Deadline Disaster

Anything can happen. The world of the printed page is not immune to issues that arise unexpectedly. Computers do funky stuff sometimes, conflicts cause delays. Next thing you know, you’re showing up at the trade-show with your old cards, or worse… without your fabulous new booth sign, created just for that show’s patrons. Here are a few things we do […]

3 In-Depth Tips for Sales Brochure Setup

It can be a little overwhelming when you begin the project of putting together a sales brochure. Design, layout and content all depend upon one another, so where do you start? Be purposeful, please. Before you start writing content for your brochure, think about how your readers are getting it into their hands. Think about the […]

How do you put your pants on?

One leg at a time, right? OK, not always, sometimes I put both legs in my breeches at the same time… point is: People is people. I found a pretty powerful event and bought a ticket to attend. The Colorado Springs Business Journal put 50 “Captains of Industry” in COSP at tables around a big room […]

The 3 Most Dangerous WordPress Plugins

WordPress is everywhere. As a matter of fact, over 74 million sites rely on this multi-faceted and modular CMS. It’s also open source. This means that one battle that WordPress and it’s users will always be fighting, and more often than other sites, is that of security. Because hackers can see and use the same […]

Review: Google Drive

Although we’ve been using Google Drive for a while, WoW upgraded storage to keep our artwork files “in the cloud” for access across our organization just recently. I knew it was going to take a while to get the backups done, so no surprise there. Here’s the bonus to online storage: with the redundancies Google takes, I sleep a little […]

When it’s Time to Rebuild Your WordPress Website

You’ve established your WordPress website. People like it. You get lots of traffic, but the dreaded day will come. At some point in time, an integral plugin, or your theme will stop getting updated and updating WordPress will cause a cascading set of malfunctions that, at the best, cripple your site, and at the worst, […]

The (Real) Costs of Running a Website

So, you want a new website. Where do you start? What are the costs involved? Don’t be caught unawares! Let’s take a look at everything you will need, and the costs associated. First: You will need hosting. A hosting company is a business that provides internet connected servers to act as “homes” for websites. When you […]

Infographic: 5 Postcard Considerations

Considerations for postcard mailings: Direct Mail Triggers Action Boosting Response Rates Every Door Direct Mail from the USPS Digital Printing The 4P Approach to Content

What It Takes (to run a WordPress website)

If you are starting a new business and need a website, or have never run a website yourself, you might ask” “Exactly what is it those wacky-web-people DO when they aren’t actually building sites?”. Well, I’ll tell you. We are doing everything else it takes to keep those websites beautiful and stable. Running a WordPress Site takes: […]

I got discouraged…

Stuff. Happens. So, recently my family up and moved to Colorado. You may ask “but why? why would you up and move to Colorado?” My reason: Mountains. I really, really love the mountains and how they put everything into perspective. (That IS what you were thinking, right?) I can drive 15 mins and feel like I’m in the […]

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