3 In-Depth Tips for Sales Brochure Setup

It can be a little overwhelming when you begin the project of putting together a sales brochure. Design, layout and content all depend upon one another, so where do you start? Be purposeful, please. Before you start writing content for your brochure, think about how your readers are getting it into their hands. Think about the […]

When RGB Won’t Fly

There are 2 color “modes” in digital formats. RGB is designed for viewing on your screen – using light, while CMYK (process) is a mixture of colors on the page for print. You can see how it makes sense that these two color builds don’t jive. 2 Print Examples: Full color banner: Supplied RGB JPG to […]

Briefly: Digitizing

“Digitizing” is when you take a logo or other artwork and run it through a software that tells an embroidery machine where to place the stitches for the “sew-out”. The file formats can be .DST (most common from what I’ve seen) .PES, .PEC, .HUS, .JAN, .SEW … It takes specialized software that your embroiderer should […]

Infographic: 5 Postcard Considerations

Considerations for postcard mailings: Direct Mail Triggers Action Boosting Response Rates Every Door Direct Mail from the USPS Digital Printing The 4P Approach to Content

GrafixHack Post: on Fonts

I’m going to attempt to be succinct in how to use fun fonts for your projects. Firstly, if you don’t need a lot of fonts, but you would like the POWER that the skill of adding fonts affords you, Well, I’m here to help! Cuz I can! However, if you find yourself changing fonts regularly, do yourself […]

What It Takes (to run a WordPress website)

If you are starting a new business and need a website, or have never run a website yourself, you might ask” “Exactly what is it those wacky-web-people DO when they aren’t actually building sites?”. Well, I’ll tell you. We are doing everything else it takes to keep those websites beautiful and stable. Running a WordPress Site takes: […]

Ink Color vs. Monitor Color

Laying down ink on paper vs. what you see on your monitor = always different. There are considerations that are necessary to mitigate risk of reprint. I’m going to briefly show you how each color theory “mixes color” or rather… how they “work together” in this post, then tell you why it matters. Monitor color: “RGB” or Red / Green / […]

The Screen-Print Set-Up

Silk-screen printing has been around since it first appeared in China during the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD). When art is supplied, there’s a process where they create the screens. They basically block out the negative of what you want printed, then push the ink through, creating a positive of the image. Art stores have kits if […]

MS Word to PDF: Images

The industry standard is Adobe for print. It would stand to reason that an Adobe PDF (“portable document format”) with the word “portable” right there in the name would work wonderfully. Most programs will save a PDF. They are not created equal. I want to look at how Word handles exporting PDFs into a print file and what it […]

What about Resolution?

Photo quality. Supplying files that look good when printed is essential. Unfortunately, not all printers will alert you if there’s an image in your file that isn’t the highest quality available. When the order’s delivered, you open the box, all excited, but for some reason unknown to you, your image or logo is either blurry or jagged. You call the printer […]

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