Marketing to Humans: values-marketing #3

Hopefully you’ve read the first two posts regarding marketing progression. If not, go back in time… to last week, and read those. We started out talking about the Industrial Revolution and how the mind of the consumer, and advertisers, necessarily, was on product. We believed in quality over all else, and it was the yardstick […]

Fear, Desire & Sad Songs: values-marketing #2

Tuesday I posted Day of the Ad Man: values-marketing #1 about earlier days of “modern” advertising; the product-centric mentality of the last century. There are 2 ways I look at the consumer-centric mentality: “See a Need: Fill a Need” – Mr. Bigweld made an impression on me in the Robots movie… What, you don’t watch cartoons? It […]

The Day of the Ad Man: values-marketing #1

When you tell a story, the sincerity of your message connects you to your audience. More meaningful than product or cash, ‘values-marketing’ is about the whole person. Does that bit sound a little froofie? So… here’s the thing, as humans, we are all big piles of feelings, opinions and judgments. Our best clients, like the rest […]

Solutions: Explained

Not every company needs an entire marketing department, but a project will always benefit from multiple perspectives. This is why we call what we do “Solutions”.

Does Your Social Need TLC?

Do you have multiple identities or business pages? Did you create one, and so did your website designer and so did your cousin who was helping you 3 years ago? This is confusing and puts out wrong information to potential clients. If they see 2 Google+ pages when they search for your business, which do […]

A Greasy Thing

I talk a big game about values & making your website work for your business… and while I was figuring all this out, I then asked myself the question: what is my 3 year old website doing for me? It was there, it had lots of fancy phrases & advertising speak, over-easy with with a side of […]

Throw a Party… monthly

One of the best ways for a network marketer (or anyone who depends on a team of independents for that matter) to make it work with their teams is to be sure to get with them on a regular basis. We have become quite the freelance economy with 1/3 of us working as independents. If […]

Random thought…

Do something to change the world, it’s easier than you think. Voice an opinion, hold out your hand to someone in need, change someone’s mind, show a person compassion so that they can recognize it in themselves. Listen.

In Life and Business…

Truth is everything. Tell a story. People can spot bullshit.

…on Bulls**t

Well, look… the title of this post will probably offend some people. I’m sorry about that. I am trying to get a point across. Points are better when they are sharp.   I hold out hope that someday, words won’t hold such power over us… I hope that if we are going to get hostile […]

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