How do you put your pants on?

One leg at a time, right? OK, not always, sometimes I put both legs in my breeches at the same time… point is: People is people. I found a pretty powerful event and bought a ticket to attend. The Colorado Springs Business Journal put 50 “Captains of Industry” in COSP at tables around a big room […]

I got discouraged…

Stuff. Happens. So, recently my family up and moved to Colorado. You may ask “but why? why would you up and move to Colorado?” My reason: Mountains. I really, really love the mountains and how they put everything into perspective. (That IS what you were thinking, right?) I can drive 15 mins and feel like I’m in the […]

Don’t be an Idget: Part 2

I’ve compiled tips so that you come off as a networking pro and not a networking Idget. Did you read part 1? Don’t be an Idget, Dean. Don’t ignore new faces! (Sin #4) This is sorta related to Sin #3 (read part 1)… needed further stress. Also – new blood is the future of any networking group. The group […]

Don’t be an Idgit, Dean.

I go to networking groups. I believe it’s a necessity. I’ve compiled tips so that you come off as a networking pro and not a networking Idget. This is the first of 2 articles. Come back tomorrow for part 2. I’ve picked these up, in no small part thanks to hard-knocks. I’ve gotten great advice from amazing netWorkers along the way […]

Throw a Party… monthly

One of the best ways for a network marketer (or anyone who depends on a team of independents for that matter) to make it work with their teams is to be sure to get with them on a regular basis. We have become quite the freelance economy with 1/3 of us working as independents. If […]

In Life and Business…

Truth is everything. Tell a story. People can spot bullshit.

…on Bulls**t

Well, look… the title of this post will probably offend some people. I’m sorry about that. I am trying to get a point across. Points are better when they are sharp.   I hold out hope that someday, words won’t hold such power over us… I hope that if we are going to get hostile […]

Work Warrior

A great connector and friend, Jodi Kruger of Waddell & Reed recommended Marianne of Work Warrior to WoW when we were looking for someone to help with our new business structure at the end of 2013. She had an energy that drew us in right away. What an amazing team builder and smart person to know! […]

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