Is UpdraftPlus the Backup Solution for You?

WoW has been using WordPress for our client’s sites since our inception. This means that we have had the opportunity to try out just about every backup solution available, from the standard WP backup that installs into tools to full-fledged solutions, both paid and free. Until recently, we have been pretty heavily invested in ithemes […]

The 3 Most Dangerous WordPress Plugins

WordPress is everywhere. As a matter of fact, over 74 million sites rely on this multi-faceted and modular CMS. It’s also open source. This means that one battle that WordPress and it’s users will always be fighting, and more often than other sites, is that of security. Because hackers can see and use the same […]

Review: Google Drive

Although we’ve been using Google Drive for a while, WoW upgraded storage to keep our artwork files “in the cloud” for access across our organization just recently. I knew it was going to take a while to get the backups done, so no surprise there. Here’s the bonus to online storage: with the redundancies Google takes, I sleep a little […]

When it’s Time to Rebuild Your WordPress Website

You’ve established your WordPress website. People like it. You get lots of traffic, but the dreaded day will come. At some point in time, an integral plugin, or your theme will stop getting updated and updating WordPress will cause a cascading set of malfunctions that, at the best, cripple your site, and at the worst, […]

The (Real) Costs of Running a Website

So, you want a new website. Where do you start? What are the costs involved? Don’t be caught unawares! Let’s take a look at everything you will need, and the costs associated. First: You will need hosting. A hosting company is a business that provides internet connected servers to act as “homes” for websites. When you […]

GrafixHack Post: on Fonts

I’m going to attempt to be succinct in how to use fun fonts for your projects. Firstly, if you don’t need a lot of fonts, but you would like the POWER that the skill of adding fonts affords you, Well, I’m here to help! Cuz I can! However, if you find yourself changing fonts regularly, do yourself […]

Ink Color vs. Monitor Color

Laying down ink on paper vs. what you see on your monitor = always different. There are considerations that are necessary to mitigate risk of reprint. I’m going to briefly show you how each color theory “mixes color” or rather… how they “work together” in this post, then tell you why it matters. Monitor color: “RGB” or Red / Green / […]

WordPress: Plugin Roulette

We’ve all played “plugin roulette” at some point in time or another, and it catches all of us by surprise when it backfires. You know you’ve done it. I know you’ve done it – downloaded a plugin and installed it without thinking of the possible consequences and preparing for them. Or you might have updated […]

WordPress: Choosing Plugins

WordPress is awesome. Where else can you get a platform that has been around for a long time, has tons of user involvement, can handle just about any type of website plus a blog, gets constant updates and has a great support community backing it? And all that for free! But all is not a […]

So You Want to Go Mobile Friendly….

It wasn’t too long ago that mobile friendly websites didn’t exist – at all. The concept of making all that data available, over a wireless connection, on something that fits in your pocket was the stuff of science fiction. But, here we are, surfing full fledged websites on dinky little devices as we sit in the […]

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