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If you operate your own business, then you probably think about this a lot. I love getting really into a project, spending hours on tweaking the lines of an illustration, a site map or a poster design. I enjoy the research phase so much… I admit, I have to make myself stop. Some of us spend a lot of time in front of a monitor. eh

I don’t want to whine, but it’s reeeeally hard sitting for long stretches.

I have spent years perfecting my work-zone set-up for zoning-out-on work, and getting into the zone. Certain comforts, and dare I say: tools, keep my butt in the seat… and I like coffee — a lot. Until it cools. Then… I don’t like it at all. I don’t drink it fast… I needed a coffee warmer!

Why had I never thought of this? my productivity depended on it!! I checked my usual haunts: grocery stores, department stores. Nothing. Specialty store? … the mall?

come on, the mall?!

I decided I wasn’t gonna be responsible for sending that kind of energy into the universe. I found one online. Business saved. Coffee warmed. Zone complete.

My perfect work-zone atm:

coffee on the warmer / ice water / salty, crunchy munchies
brightly colored note cards and stickies / sharpie, pens, highlighters / notepad, sketchbook / phone
LG space cleared of distractions / music
Bluegrass is surprisingly motivating!

Should we get up and move about, I think it’s best to dance.

Enjoy a silly little video. The music is off a bit but I couldn’t get Kenny Loggin’s permission to play Footloose, which is what I was really dancing to.



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