Comment Spam Driving ya Bat-crap?

… Hundreds. Nay, Thousands!

: the number of comments you have to sift thru in order to get to real customers with real questions.

I thought I would share what we’ve found out about this phenomenon on WordPress. I’ll keep it short.

  1. Captcha doesn’t work: those tiny little pictures you can’t read, or the math problems that remind you that 8th grade was a really long time ago. They help. They don’t work 100%!
  2. It’s the bots! True… but not just those pesky fellas (I imagine bots as the slick black beetles of the internet, slowly eating and pooping everywhere they go, while the spiders do all the real work).
    ANYWAY – so those little black bots started encountering more and more captcha, cuz us humans – we’re learning. You’d figure they’d be better at math but what do I know. So at the annual SlikBot Convention in Waikiki, they discussed, and landed on employing humans in their devious plots to solve the captcha! *this is actually a much nicer image than came to mind when I first thunk it: armies of people sitting around working for advertisers. blech.
  3.  Aksimet: comes with WordPress. Great Idea*! Turn that bad boy on, right away! This handy plugin learns as you mark spam, and it learns for everyone… so you’re doing some social good as well. *It’s free if you are an individual, it’s $5/mo (atm) if your website is for a business. It’s somewhat effective, I’ll tell ya that.
  4. Of course there are a number of plugins that purport to help stop spam. None can promise to stop it altogether. This article gives real suggestions.

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