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In October, 2009 – Bruce and Dawn came to WoW Grafix originally to revamp their brand. As I walked into their offices in Overland Park, at the time, I noticed a really old photo on the wall of Cramer Bros. Safe Company. My Grandfather’s mother, Irene, was a Cramer (before she married). Now, see this was not just coincidence… I grew up with my grandfather telling us stories about his Grandpa and how he was pretty good at cracking safes, because the man BUILT them! Now, this isn’t quite close enough for us to attend the same family reunions or borrow each other’s crock pots, as second cousins/once removed, but finding family ties is always fun!

Check out this article about Cramer family innovation. Really cool stuff! The Cramers actually invented the “Cramer Posture Chair” (Great-Great-Grandfather to the office chairs I’m sitting in now!) and a little kitchen stool called a Kik-Step®, (we had one growing up, that damn thing jammed my toe more than once in the middle of the night.)

Cramer family legacy also includes Stan Cramer, who, I recall as a child, had a pretty popular “Call for Action” segment on the nightly news. He would actually take complaints from residents about businesses doing business badly and investigate! If there was something to be worried about, and the company needed to be called out – Stan was The Man!! I will tell you that the name “Stan Cramer” struck fear in a shady businessman’s heart in the 1980’s here in KC.

So, we sat and chatted for a while and talked logo creation! WoW did a few logos for them, and honestly, they didn’t like any of them. This was the first time that happened to me! I can tell you – when it does, it’s a bit of a blow… but I put on my big-girl pants, and moved on.

They just weren’t feeling it, and it makes no difference what I am feeling – I am not the one who needs to LOVE it. They were able to have a designer create one that they loved, and that’s what’s important.

So, even though we could have started out a little rocky, we dusted off and got to work. I did the layout for their envelopes, business cards and letterhead. They are very active in the business community and asked us to help with a quick ad for a Business After Hours event for the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce, which they are still active in.  Bruce has been named Chair, after 14 years being a mentor and getting involved. Congratulations, Bruce!

A number of different layouts came after that, and they were always so clear on what they were looking for, and receptive to new ideas, they quickly became one of my favorite clients to work with!

In April of 2011 Cramer Capital orchestrated the first “Let’s Get Jazzed” event to benefit the American Diabetes Association. They had it all worked out! They were getting the Jazz Museum downtown for a night of live Jazz, and great food, auctions, and prizes. They needed someone to put together the branding for this spanking new event and they asked WoW! Finally! I get a second chance to blow them away with my design skill!! They loved the way the branding came together (Whew!).

WoW Grafix has had the distinct honor to donate design work each year. This fantastic and worthwhile event has raised a lot of awareness and funds over the 4 years for the ADA. It’s just wrapped up the 5th year for the event, and this time the efforts benefited New House Shelter. I wasn’t able to attend, sadly, but I hear it was a wonderful evening – as always!


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