Book and Poetry Editing

Whether you require only suggestions about form and style or would prefer editing with “no mercy”, I’ll always attempt to stay with your voice and tone. We’ll get it print-ready too.

Long-Term Care Claim Filing

A Field Guide for Prince(ss) Dutiful Heir

by Dr. Stana Martin

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Stana Martin on both of her books, beginning with this one. As I formatted and edited I learned about how difficult it can be to navigate insurance when a family member needs it, especially in the long-term care realm where advocates are needed.

Handing Down the Kingdom:

A Field Guide for Wealth Transfer for the Average Family

by Dr. Stana Martin

Another installment by Dr. Martin. The illustrations were drawn by cartoonist, John Pullan for both of Stana’s books. Great information wrapped in clever storytelling is what makes these books unique and profoundly helpful.

Networking on Steroids

A Guide to Professional Success via Practical Networking Tips

by Cathy Weaver

“Networking On Steroids was written with the general networking populous in mind… each person who networks must find his/her own niche and Networking On Steroids allows the reader to ‘participate’ as their own comfort zones merit.” Cathy Weaver’s book on Networking was another edit project. I also had the opportunity to illustrate, as well as do the layout and setup for print.

Where Were You?

Volume One: “On Vietnam”

by Everett Ray Wiedersberg

One of my book projects was for a favorite uncle who was a war vet, an activist, a talented poet and an amazing human, among many other things, Everett Ray Wiedersberg. Everett’s poetry and photographs chronicle his time as a ‘river rat’ in Vietnam and an unwelcome return home due to an era of conflict. I knew him as a man with poet’s heart who was forced into war. The verses are heartbreaking and hopeful and can still inform our souls.

I helped with edits and suggestions, layout, cover artwork and print. If you want to know more about Everett’s work, let me know and I can connect you with the family.

In Everett’s words: “A collection of therapeutic writings during and after the Conflict we called the Vietnam War. The reason I started writing was so that people could understand, relate & enjoy poetry. Poetry is about the internal struggles of the mind and heart. I wanted to be able to relate my feelings and experiences, so that those who read could take solace in the remembrance that they are not the only ones who struggle within themselves.”

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