A Greasy Thing

I talk a big game about values & making your website work for your business… and while I was figuring all this out, I then asked myself the question: what is my 3 year old website doing for me?

It was there, it had lots of fancy phrases & advertising speak, over-easy with with a side of bacon… but there was a little too much fat with the clever turns of phrase that I added to impress and amaze!!

There was so much said that I thought people wanted to hear like:

‘WoW Grafix takes your marketing to the next level’


‘Creative graphics make your business memorable.’

Of course, all of it was true – just highly polished to sound ‘more professional’. I spent a lot of time crafting the wording…. when all I really needed to say was,

‘Hey, I can help you.’

Isn’t that what we are supposed to do: convince ‘potential clients’ that we are an ‘expert’ in the industry and that know what the hell we are talking about?

I got lost in that and it became too much. Too many words.

Too much “advertising” not enough authenticity.

Trimming wasn’t gonna do it, so I tipped the greasy plate, watched what now felt like slimy language slide down that burned butter smear into the trash, and started from scratch.

The point is, nobody wants to hear that bologna anymore. There’s a new way of thinking about marketing, and if we don’t start talking to people like people, we’re gonna lose them.

So! No more form letters, no more impersonal hand crafted poo that is meant to make us sound like ‘a big company’. I give all of my clients a lot of personal attention, so I’m gonna just be me. I’m a little weird, a little goofy – I like COLORS and I love sharing my brilliant ideas with the world.

Have you thought about how you can be more authentic in your own communication?

ACTION: Look at your brochure, or sales sheet, did you include a bit of your story? If not, redesign! When you open a tri-fold the upper left is the first area people look at. Instead of having your product offering in this powerful spot, put a little blurb about why you are in business.

Have you got a greasy marketing story? It’s more fun if we don’t mention names. 🙂


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