I got discouraged…



So, recently my family up and moved to Colorado. You may ask “but why? why would you up and move to Colorado?” My reason: Mountains. I really, really love the mountains and how they put everything into perspective. (That IS what you were thinking, right?) I can drive 15 mins and feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere, which I love. I can walk another 10 down a new trail and see something absolutely beautiful that I have never experienced before.

So, here’s the skinny. If you don’t show your face, a business built off of referrals will probably lose some customers, and it’s certainly a lot more difficult to build upon that base as well. That’s OK. We knew WoW would need to rebuild when I moved.

What I didn’t realize was that I would be afraid. Suddenly, I’m the new kid again. There are always new meetings, and new faces. We also shifted strategy a bit, to content building and social media to keep fresh information flowing. Staying engaged. With Facebook’s new algorithms on how much attention business pages get, FB is a tougher crowd than I had hoped for. They’ve made it more difficult to show up organically on a users feed. (*Incidentally while doing a bit of research this week, Facebook is centering some real efforts on how business’ communicate via Facebook messaging that are sure to be pretty great!) Building that base is slow going. I guess I got a little discouraged and stopped scheduling ahead.

I know!

My whole gig is about consistency! How can I even mention it without being a die-hard, nose-to-the-grindstone, consistent poster myself? Well, I guess the answer is… that stuff happens, and I’m gonna give myself a break because being a human is hard enough. Patience is a virtue, indeed.

So, I will do better and I hope you will follow. 🙂


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