Marketing Strategy

Review, Discuss, Decide, Execute.

WoW Grafix helps you decide on next moves. We’ll review materials, meet with you and follow-up with an Action Plan: designed as a way to click off real & helpful tasks. It is a clear invitation to take SPECIFIC ACTION.

Send prior to Strategy Meeting: (your current marketing efforts)

  • Mission / Vision / Values
  • Your Company Goals
  • Target Market
  • Printed Materials
    • brochures, business cards, letterhead, sales forms, etc.
  • Photos of any Signage or the interior of your Store
  • Questionnaires or Forms you give your Clients
  • Your Sales Pipeline
  • Pictures of your Retail Storefront
  • Know the Online Tools you use
  • Idea Wish List
  • & Don’t forget your laptop or tablet.

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