Mrs. LTC

 “I have been VERY happy with the service I have received from this company. Whether I needed graphic design, printing, or web site help, the results have been nothing less than wonderful. I have also price shopped some of the services they have offered (as any sensible consumer should!) and found the prices to be highly competitive. I think anyone who was looking for marketing and related technical help would be quite pleased with the product and quality of service received.”

~Stana Martin, Mrs. LTC Inc.

Stana of Mrs. LTC came to WoW at the recommendation of John over at JG Imprinters. Mrs. LTC needed a brand! A logo and a look that made them stand apart. As claim filing specialists, Mrs. LTC helps people navigate a very difficult time. They have a 99% recovery rate on their claims, which is unheard of in that industry. Clearly, I was dealing with a pro.

We sat down for coffee at Panera the first time, and right off the bat we got along. Stana is a real card (The ACE of Diamonds, in my estimation) and she really loved the idea of a mascot! She’s extremely creative, and a damn smart gal.

Well, I did some initial sketches, scanned them into the computer and cleaned them up a bit for show. We went through a couple rounds, and landed on just a face for “Betty”. We named her when we gave her a red scarf & a poinsettia in her hair for the holidays. Stana always has such great ideas for her holiday cards. Just the right amount of fun, injected into something that is always serious business. Betty and Stana have been great friends of WoW ever since.

When Stana called on WoW for a website, we talked about how important it was to be informational but also very human. Claim filing is a hard thing to deal with, even without the emotion of a loved one in need. It had to be easy to navigate and read. She has a beautiful writing style and is so knowledgeable, this element needed to be the center of her site and her online marketing strategies. We worked with them to deliver a site that not only does that, but we taught her team how to increase their SEO in an organic but organized way. Shout-out to Gaye, who is so amazing and easy to work with!!



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