…on Bulls**t

Well, look… the title of this post will probably offend some people.
I’m sorry about that. I am trying to get a point across.
Points are better when they are sharp.


I hold out hope that someday, words won’t hold such power over us…
I hope that if we are going to get hostile and waste energy,
shouldn’t it should be anger over an action that we find repulsive,
… not meaningless sounds that come out of our mouths?


But here’s the thing: The people who will be offended by my post title, are probably not the people that will want to do business with me anyway. Chances are, I will rub them the wrong way and we won’t have a good working experience. It may seem counter-intuitive to the old way of advertising think: the “cast a wide net” mentality… with that said I shall move on to the point!


So, I went on this trip over a 3-day weekend. WoW was doing the social media for a SAG supported 270 mile bicycle ride! I was having a lot of fun with it, and when the client asked me if I rode and wanted to participate, I said coolly, “Sure, I ride, and I would love to! *let me just say I was thinking of the elliptical in my basement that I had been using for cardio… not the same…


So, I trained on a real bike, exactly twice. Of the 270 mi… I put in a hefty 55!! We rode through some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in Kansas.


BullstHere’s what I remembered on that trip:

  1. You gotta go outside! Play with your friends, feel the sunshine on your back, put your body in motion.
  2. Kansas has a lot of worthwhile, interesting and amazing places you just don’t see if you don’t get off of I-70.
  3. We can smell bulls**t.


Honesty & making a connection are what make you successful in life, relationships, as well as in business.

It’s always been my philosophy and the older I get the more I believe it. No bulls**t.


**So, I was told by a web-guru – the whole word could offend some browser programs. Apparently, I’m ok with offending people though…. the irony isn’t lost on me.

Have you ever had those clients that you looked back on and said, well maybe it’s for the best…


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