Does Your Social Need TLC?

Do you have multiple identities or business pages?

Did you create one, and so did your website designer and so did your cousin who was helping you 3 years ago? This is confusing and puts out wrong information to potential clients. If they see 2 Google+ pages when they search for your business, which do they click on? Do they all represent you and your values equally or are they incomplete?

You have no idea what “Google Local” does for business…

Let me just briefly tell you. It puts you on the MAP. About a BILLION people use Google Maps every month which is right around a BILLION searches every single day. This gets you in front of LOCAL searches. Get yourself a business page and verify your address. Do it.

You consistantly miss direct messages.

Do you have a process for following up? Do you forget to login and check? You gotta stroke it a little for it to be effective. The idea is to be SOCIAL.

So, put it on your calendar. Every Wednesday and Friday morning (or whenever works), before you even check your email or go on a run, spend 5-10 minutes engaging. Do a quick search for a topic your audience would be interested in, relating to your industry and share a good article. Then go on your run. *I hear it’s good for you*

What does your “About” section say about your business?

I see a lot of these that are just blank. NO! BAD!! That’s very likely the first thing they click on! Make it human, personal and fun. Share a little of yourself (if it makes sense). Always inject passion. Tell a story.

Your cover image is empty or some jacked-up version of your logo.

Each of the social channels have specific dimensions for this highly visible piece of your social identity. Take a pic of your store front, your staff at a meeting (as long as they are having fun), or relate it to your message. Take the time to resize it with the right dimensions. K?

Your links don’t go to the right page.

Why would you waste that opportunity? Get someone to fix that for you, quickly. OR your social media has the wrong website address…. that’s not a good thing either. Cross pollination is a noble quest.


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