Throw a Party… monthly

One of the best ways for a network marketer (or anyone who depends on a team of independents for that matter) to make it work with their teams is to be sure to get with them on a regular basis. We have become quite the freelance economy with 1/3 of us working as independents. If you have a team that is close in physical proximity to one another, it’s essential to connect. It will help your team maintain motivation, curiosity and creativity.

Hang out in REAL LIFE! We are after-all, human beasts.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started, but as you go, you will learn and your group will become a powerful force. These are just tips. Take the stuff you like, leave the rest – like the crackers with the suspect grayish-brown spread.

  • Include something personal, maybe a little silly at the beginning: an ice-breaker question, a share, an infomercial, an exercise.
  • Don’t just have a party – Provide value! Make it universal value – for doing business. Invite those who are on the fence, they should be interested too.
  • Get HYPE-EY! Get excited about this opportunity that you brought them in on. You don’t need to be a Type-A personality. Just know that this is your path and that you love the product. Right?
  • Coordinate with team members for better information circulation. Take turns presenting.
  • Make the end of every party a learning opportunity for something specific to being your distributor. They need to know the tools.
  • How do they make money with your opportunity? Have them tell their stories! i.e. if you make money when your friends share with others, give them tips on how to do that, feature those connections that are made, make them feel good about sharing.
  • Keep sections of the meeting short, don’t lose them.
  • Food and drink are essential. That said, make sure there are chairs and that you aren’t serving chicken wings or other messy foods with dry napkins. Come on, now.
  • You are gonna have great and not-so-great meetings so keep it in perspective and don’t give up. You’ll all get better at it.

Look, if you work the system, the system will work. That said, they say that 40% of our workforce here in the States will be people who work for themselves by 2020! That’s phenomenal! Good luck to you in your endeavors!

If you have a remote team, here is an article on some considerations, specific to that.


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