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A great connector and friend, Jodi Kruger of Waddell & Reed recommended Marianne of Work Warrior to WoW when we were looking for someone to help with our new business structure at the end of 2013. She had an energy that drew us in right away. What an amazing team builder and smart person to know! We had our first meeting at Angie L.’s Scooters at College and Antioch. It was the first of many meetings. We needed each other, see.

Marianne needed a brand. She had some sketches and had piecemealed a concept that I connected with. The scribbling of madly creative entrepreneurs! I could get behind that for sure!

So, I did some painting. I always love it when I can use that with a logo design. Had some fun with color and arrows, showed Marianne and from there created a logo and an identity that she was thrilled with. It had to be a little rough, but mean business. We went on to deliver graphics that were strait forward – best way to reach her target market was to be on-point and quick about it.

While all this was happening, she was helping us organize our communications, and see where we needed to improve in our processes. She helped us grow. We helped her with her 30-second introduction for networking and designed a couple of other pieces for print.

We have also helped her create a website that she loves showing off. We do too. It’s clear and perfect for her business. Check out the header graphic. That was a happy accident, just playing around.

At the time of this post we still enjoy collaborating, with ideas and focus on our next steps with our businesses. She has become a trusted partner and friend.


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