Landmark 2 Skate

Landmark 2 Skate Center is out in Lee’s Summit, MO. I met Charlie through an associate at my networking group in Lee’s Summit, Feet-Up Network!! What a great time. I met some amazing people and really got plugged in. What a great town.

Well, Charlie started out just needing some business cards. We may have done magnets too, I don’t remember everything we have worked on together… It’s been a lot of years. We developed indoor signage, outdoor signage, posters and promos for him. We also redesigned his website, and brought in some great functionality for booking birthday parties and private events that made it possible for him to bring in more revenue from these affairs! WoW was able to show off a little at the RSA (Roller Skating Association) annual trade-show here in KC in 2014!

We have learned a lot working together and grown over the past few years as a team. We really value our relationship with Landmark 2 Skate and Charlie, and  look forward to continue meeting their needs on-line and in print.

Utilizing our booking system and a number of innovative solutions for his business, we’ve been able to help Charlie increase his private party bookings by as much as 30% over the last 2 years.


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