Landmark 2 Skate

WoW Grafix and Charlie at Landmark 2 Skate have worked together since the early 2000’s. We began with a business card design – that was our first job. Chris White, a great programmer and friend helps me each month with various projects, and I continue to do his social media marketing each month and manage his business needs. We help with Social Media marketing each month and with objectives like a booking system on the site. Credit for 3-D spinning logo goes to WoW Grafix and Chris White.

Today, simplicity is what gets the job done!
Angie with WOW Grafix has helped me weave this concept into my new mobile-responsive site. Our system has been a boom to my business, we’re up 25-30% since working with WoW. Between social media and our mobile responsive site that just went live, we expect to reach an even bigger crowd in the future!
Charlie Johnson,
Landmark 2 Skate

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